Lord of the Rings Online update 11 “coming soon” named Treachery of the White Hand

The eleventh update for the free-to-play MMO ‘The Lord of the Rings Online’ is almost ready for release. The update will bring new gameplay mechanics and five new areas to explore.
Treachery of the White Hand will mark the eleventh update for the game, players will seek out the region of Wildermore. To the east of Rohan in the dead of winter players will meet a Stone Giant named Núrzum, under the control of Saruman. All throughout Wildermore, “villages have suffered ravage and townsfolk have become refugees. Follow in the chilly footsteps of evil as you attempt to restore this once thriving region” states Turbine games.
There will be five new areas in the update. Here are there official descriptions:
All word from Wildermore has ceased and rumors point to the worst. You must find and aid the town of Scylfig, which suffers from a strangely deepening winter and an Uruk-hai threat.
The Fallows
Uruk-hai invaders have torched the region’s farms, slaying many and driving the survivors from their homes. You must ride into the smoldering remains to help drive out the evil tides of Núrzum’s raiders before meeting with the brooding Reeve of Wildermore.
As the brutal winter rages, many folk have gone missing, and the small village of Dunfast is in dire need of protection. You must follow in the wake of Núrzum’s destruction, but can you find him in time? Face marauding Warbands as you race to save the people of Dunfast.
High Knolls
The town of the High Knolls, Byre Tor, long held out against the powers of Núrzum, but now has fallen to the beastly enemy. Venture among forbidding crags in search of the city’s hunted refugees, but use caution, for whispers warn that the Knolls are thick with Saruman’s minions!
In the unruly, northern expanses of Fangorn Forest, the Darkness has taken hold. In the Balewood, violent Huorns and Wood-trolls prowl and Saruman’s Uruk-hai linger. You must gather young Ents to rally against the growing corruption.
The Wildermore Quest pack is free to VIPs
As for new gameplay mechanics there are a few coming along with Update 11 including:
Also new to Update 11
Mounted combat revamp
New class-specific traits now enhance your mounted combat skills, while bonuses to mobility have been moved from traits to your base steed.
Hobbit presents!
Another reason to get in the game! All players will receive a Silver Hobbit Present each day they log in to LOTRO. Rewards vary from common to legendary and are tailored to your logged-in character’s level and class.
New VIP benefits
Improved offerings for VIPs, including a custom character portrait frame, improved bonus experience system and better Hobbit presents.
As of right now the update is “coming soon”, you can expect a release date and more information over the next few weeks.

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