EA obtains rights to all Star Wars games after LucasArts closure

Fans didn’t know what would happen to their beloved Star Wars gaming franchise when news that Disney was closing the once-great game development studio. Now they have an answer, good or bad.
It has been confirmed that EA has signed a multi-year deal to develop and/or publish all Star Wars related games going forward. Different developers will be able to work on the titles, just like they have in the past. For example EA and Bioware have already developed and published ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ for PC. It was EA’s own Frank Gibeaua that made the announcement earlier today in a press-release stating that future games will be “entirely original with all new stories and gameplay,” adding that the company “may borrow from films.”
Of course this is regarding the (at least three) new Star Wars films that are expected to come out over the next few years. The rights include “mobile, social, tablet and online game categories.” The fate of the Boba Fett leading title ‘Star Wars 1313’ was not mentioned at this time.
more info: disney

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