Adobe enters hardware market, Project Mighty smart stylus and Napoleon ruler

It may have took longer than most people expected but Adobe has officially announced the company’s first hardware line. The first tools designed from Adobe are a pressure sensitive stylus and an electronic ruler made to work seamlessly with Adobe software.
The new hardware has already been shown working with iOS devices through bluetooth, a major step for the company’s growing mobile line-up and mobile possibilities. Styluses have been around awhile, but par it with the new Napoleon ruler and existing Adobe software and you have something truly remarkable. Adobe talks about the stylus on the company’s official site stating:
“Mighty is pressure sensitive, which helps it draw a natural and expressive line. It is also connected to the Creative Cloud through the software and a local Bluetooth LE connection. We have used this connection to pull up Kuler themes and enable a “cloud clipboard” which gives you access to assets you have saved to the cloud for reuse”.

Adobe continues, “Mighty was created with the help of Ammunition, the industrial design firm founded by Robert Brunner. They landed on a three-sided, twisted form that is inspired by the ergonomics of holding a pen. When a child struggles with writing, he or she is given a triangular grip that fits over the pencil. Our design takes that one step further by twisting the pen’s triangular form so that it also rests gently on the hand. It also yields a sculptural object that is both beautiful and distinct. There’s a lot of hardware technology involved in bringing a high tech pen like this to life, so we’ve been working with San Francisco-based MindTribe on the electrical and mechanical engineering”.
Full details on the devices will be announced in the future. As of right now you can check out the official announcement on Adobe’s official site.
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