Not Joking around. The Onion Twitter account hacked, while consumers question Twitter security

In yet another Twitter hacking of a news outlet, though this time it is a parody news outlet, The Onion has been the latest victim of hackers.
Following the exact same pattern as The Associated Press, E! Online and other news-outlets, the Syrian Electronic Army has claimed responsibility what was a string of anti-Israel tweets from the Onion’s account. as we mentioned before they are not the first, ’60 Minutes,’ ’48 Hours’ and other high-profile Twitter accounts have been hacked, all by the same group. Or at least the same group is claiming responsibility. Earlier today The Onion’s Twitter account filled with pro-Syria and anti-Israel Tweets.
“Israel denies forging new alliance with Al Qaeda: ‘We were friends all along, so it can’t be new’ – IDF Spokesperson,” stated one Tweet. “UN’s [Secretary General] Ban Ki Moon condemns Syria for being struck by Israel: ‘It was in the way of Jewish missiles.'” followed shortly after.
When the same group took over the APs Twitter account, it cost $130 billion on the stock market. All before the AP could state that the claim (which was the White House was attacked and the president was injured) was false.
photo credit: JohnSeb

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