AT&T confirms Samsung Galaxy S4 32GB version will hit May 10th

Samsung and AT&T already announced that an exclusive 32GB of the popular smartphone would hit stores this Spring, but stopped short of setting a date. Now the two companies have confirmed that May 10th will see the official release.
Other carriers (including AT&t) will stock the Samsung Galaxy S 4 16GB model but the 32GB will only cost you another $50 retail and is only available through AT&T for now. AT&T confirmed the Tweet earlier today stating, “Starting 5/10 get the 32GB Samsung #GalaxyS4 for $249.99 w/2-yr agmt & qual plans. Fees apply.”
The Tweet then gives an official page announcing the new phone’s upgraded version and rates and exclusions that apply to its purchase. You can check out all of the fine print and details regarding purchasing the 32GB S4 by jumping to the before mentioned page below.
more info: ATT

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