Amazon reduces Kindle Fire HD for Mother’s Day, starting at $179

Tablets are expected to be a big hit this Mother’s Day. As more and more people are hoping to purchase one for their spouses or Mother’s, the prices seem to be getting better and better.
For a very limited time, Amazon has reduced the price of its best-selling Kindle Fire HD brand of tablets to celebrate Mother’s Day. Prices include the Kindle Fire HD 7″ for $179, the Kindle Fire HD 7″ 16 GB for $194, the Kindle Fire HD 7″, 32 GB for $229.00 and the Kindle Fire HD 7″ 32 GB without the special offers ads for only $244.00.
This is a Mother’s Day only promotion and is expected to last all week or until the reserved stock for the sale is sold-out. As the sale is just beginning now, you can still pick any of the options above but that might not last forever.
You can check out the exact details and pricing on the special Kindle Fire HD Mother’s Day promotion page below.
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