Are you a THIEF fan? Build a fan site for Square Enix with their latest kit

Fan sites are actually extremely popular for hit tiles, you have probably visited a few, let alone one that would be made for a highly anticipated title like ‘THEIF’ from Square Enix.
The development company behind the game has released the latest ‘fan site creation kit’ which comes with all the graphics, logos, screenshots and art that one would need to make a pretty fantastic site. It’s commonplace for a company to release the kits, they sites only help drum-up support for the game and the good ones usually get some pretty great swag to give away to their visitors. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.
There are a few rules when building a fan-site, like clearly labeling your website as a “fan site” for one, so that there is no confusion when visitors need to find the official-branded website for customer support or trademark infringements. Luckily Eides Montreal thought of that as well and added a full kit that you can download to get started. You can pick up the full-pack below to get started on the official post that went live earlier this evening (Saturday). The kit includes:
This first package contains:
– High-res render of Garrett
– Logos
– 10 screenshots
– 10 concept art
– A suitably sinister background
– A Read Me file with terms of use
more info: eidosmontreal

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