Benjamin Bratt steps in for Al Pacino for Despicable Me 2

Just a few hours after we reported that Al Pacino was leaving his role as Eduardo in ‘Despicable Me 2’ it has been confirmed that Benjamin Bratt will replace him.
The news of Al Pacino leaving the role (just two months before it was set to premier) was confirmed earlier this evening. Now Deadline reports that Benjamin Bratt will take his place and finish the movie on-time for its July 2, 2013 release date. It was stated that Al Pacino left children’s animated movie for “creative differences” with the films producers and creators Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment.
It seems Benjamin Bratt will be getting right to work, as there are only about 8 weeks before the film releases. The film ‘Despicable Me 2’ is the follow-up to the original blockbuster hit ‘Despicable Me’ which wowed box-offices pulling in over $530 million dollars. As of the now the film will release on schedule with the rest of the cast intact.

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