Al Pacino leaves Despicable Me 2, two months before premier

Alongside Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig, one of the headliners for the upcoming animated sequel “Despicable Me” was planned to be Al Pacino as the voice of the villain. It seems that is no longer the case.
It has been confirmed that Al Pacino will no longer be the voice of the villain ‘Eduardo’ in the Universal Picture’s sequel to the original hit ‘Despicable Me’. The film is scheduled to premier on July 3, 2013 and although an actor walking out this late on a film is normally unheard of, an animated film is much easier to correct. The scenes are already done and all they have to do is get someone to come in and record the american version (foreign versions of the films are done with actors that speak that native language and/or are popular in that region). Deadline is stating that the decision to leave the film came down to “creative differences”. The studio overseeing the film told Deadline, “Over the production of Despicable Me 2, there were creative differences between us and Al Pacino, who had been cast as the voice of Eduardo in the film. We have mutually decided with Al to replace the voice of Eduardo with a new actor. Universal and Illumination thank Al for his many contributions to the process and look forward to a new actor bringing this memorable character to the screen upon its release this summer.” No other changes in production or release has been announced at this time.

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