Ellen DeGeneres creates an iOS game “Heads Up”, launches to the top spot on charts

Ellen can do no wrong, almost everyone on the planet loves her and her hit TV show ‘Ellen’. Those that don’t like her are usually hated by everyone else. Now the talkshow host can add a successful iOS game to her many lists of accomplishments.
It’s probably safe to assume that Ellen played a small part in the actual development of the game, but it does carry over her fun and enthusiasm. You’ve probably played a game similar to it in the past. Depending on where you are from, you could have called “Who am I?”, “Celebrity” or “Guess Who” (not the board game). The game is simple, you hold your device so that you can’t see it (on your forehead) and the player opposite you has to give hints on what the card is so you can guess it. (Michael Scott tried this game with different races on the Office if you remember).

Ellen announced the game on her popular Twitter account stating, “I’ve got a brand new game! Its called ‘Heads Up!’ and you’re appsolutely gonna love it.” It took only hours for it to soar to the #1 spot on Apple’s list of best-sellers. There are tons of different categories that you can choose from (not just celebrities) and it’s an easy and fun game to play that actually encourages social-interaction (drinking optional). So the cool part? While you’re playing it’s recording, so you can watch as you quickly try and guess the word. Then you can share it on Facebook or “Send to Ellen.”
If Ellen chooses, the video can make her Facebook page or even on the show. That’s probably the best award an iOS game can hand out. The game costs $1 and is available on the App Store.
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