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Imgur offers pic-blocked users a proxy when your network blocks your fun

Unfortunately the times when you want to just stare at imgur for hours and hours is usually the time that you should be doing something more productive. If you can’t get on the service, there can be a fix thanks the image service’s workaround.
Using proxies and workarounds to get onto restricted sites while you are at work or school isn’t uncommon, and a lot of people can simply change a few settings and they are done. If you aren’t that tech-advanced and just want to hop on imgur, then you can use the link below. The company (brought to internet glory by its heavy use on Reddit) sent out the following Tweet to its followers that are pic-blocked by un-cool institutions.

Hopefully with this little work around you will be able to get back to doing nothing for the rest of the day. Until someone tells the admins about your practice, stupid snitches.