Chef Sleeve introduces ‘Bluetooth Smart Food Scale’, synchs nutritional information to iOS devices

Modernizing the kitchen has been a goal for appliance giants and technology developers since before the ice-box became the refrigerator. When one actually gets it right however, that’s a moment to celebrate.
This week at the TechCrunch Disrupt’s Hardware Alley, Chef Sleeve announced a gadget that should prove useful around the kitchen. A Bluetooth Smart Food Scale that works directly with your iPAD. With no wires to connect to your preferred device, and a minimal design that won’t take up your entire countertop, it also fits my rules of the kitchen (small, actually useful, no maintenance and affordable). Some of these requirements are more important than others. I live in New York, so affordable and small are very high on my list. I don’t designate counter-space to just anything and as an amateur cook, I use technology to level the playing field against nutrition and recipes.
Im not just going on about a scale here, that’s been done. This caught my eye because it can also sends nutritional information of your meals and snacks straight to my iPad. Allowing me to easily track my caloric and nutritional intake. Right now the Smart Food Scale has a Kickstarter project, which is called “Project Heavy Weight” and they were almost at 50% of their goal when I wrote up this article.

Here is a rundown on the product:

  • Dimensions: 250mm (W) x 180mm (L) x 15mm (H)
  • Aprox. weight: 1lb
  • Capacity: 15lbs/7kg
  • Measuring Units: oz, lbs + ozs, g, fl oz, ml
  • Increments: 0.1oz, 1g
  • Battery: replaceable CR2032
  • Display: Backlit LED or Reverse LCD (no display appears until “on”)
  • Top: Glass with white backing, touch sensitive buttons for functions “on/off”, “tare”, “hold”, “unit”
  • Bottom: Compressed recycled wood fiber, or wood. A stainless steel is also being considered. Anti-slip feet, etched logo
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0

When you think of situations like Diabetes, pregnancy, cooking for children or caring for yourself after an operation or a consult from your doctor, it’s one of the most useful gadgets that will help you understand your own diet. You can then use that information to improve that diet. It’s something that I just loved when I saw it, and I would be excited to give it a long test run for you guys in the future.
more info: kickstarter

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