Xbox Fusion domains spotted, and the world is curious

Domain registries are a tricky business, companies can nab anything that is currently available but it doesn’t mean that they will use them. Often times they do lead to a gold mind of questions.
That is exactly what happened when Microsoft registered different versions of All of the domains start with Xbox Fusion and end with either (.com or .biz) etc.. If you try going to the website it just causes a simple redirect to the original Xbox Website. It could be a simple promotion, but just a few weeks away from the big next-generation Xbox announcement, it has everyone very excited. There is still is no word on what the next Xbox will be called. Since Xbox doesn’t exactly follow numbers like Sony’s Playstation brand, it offers a wider choice of what Xbox “______” could be.
Though the domains were registered in early 2013, they were only just found by domain-hound Fusible today. Would you like the next Xbox to be Xbox Fusion? Better than 720 at least.
more info: fusible

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