PlanetSide 2 receives update 8, with new Harasser Assault Buggy video

Sony Online Entertainment has released the ‘Update 8’, one of the largest updates that the game has received since its launch.
The new update brings a new vehicle “that may turn the tides in the Auraxian War” according to developers, named “The Harasser Assault Buggy”. It’s an armored assault vehicle that is both a tropp-transport and an attack vehicle. The buggy can carry 3 men and has a dedicated driver, a gunner and turret. The other seat carries an infantry class. You can take a loot at the machine below.

There are also a few key features included in the update including, new empire specific MAX AV weapons, MAX cert balance pass and MAX cosmetic items, such as helmets and armor. SOE also promises that more MAX updates, such as new abilities and additional weapons “are slated for the future”. There are also new “sci-fi inspired” infantry helmets that work on all non-MAX classes for each empire. Special decals will be available in the Marketplace for a limited time only celebrating Cinco de Mayo.
The full list of new features included in GU 08 can be found in the recent post from Creative Director Matt Higby below.
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