Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! brings the fantasy stories to life, like never before

Older gamers may remember the “Sorcery!” books, they were a unique and inventive spin for an original fantasy tale to take. Now with the advent of the tablet and smartphones, these books are capable of doing things they have never done before.
The term “Player Choice”, gets tossed around in video-games but they are nothing compared to ‘Sorcery!’, which gives you thousands of options and branching story-lines to explore. The game was developed by inkle, and it is a classic story filled with mythical beasts, soldiers and Kings. The game also features puzzles and turn-based combat. Best of all, the game remembers every single decision you make and uses them to “pen your own distinct adventure”.
“I am blown away by what inkle have done with Sorcery! Previous digital conversions recreated the paperback experience on the small screen, but this treatment is a radical new approach,” says Steve Jackson, co-creator of the Fighting Fantasy gamebook series and author of the original Sorcery!
The combat system “procedurally describes the fight as you play” according to the press-release sent out this week. The 3D map assists you on your journey and there are 48 spells, 77 original line illustrations, and all the characters, tricks, and traps from the original adventure as well.
You can check out Sorcery! for iPhone or iPad below.
more info: itunes

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