Gearbox teases next Borderlands 2 DLC ‘Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep’

It looks like Gearbox is getting ready to drop the next DLC bundle for their hit open-world, co-op adventure ‘Borderlands 2’.
Borderlands-2-Tiny-Tina-DLCThe name of the DLC and a small teaser image was revealed earlier today. The story expansion will feature everyone’s favorite explosions expert ‘Tiny Tina’. The image was first shown on Twitter than quickly deleted by Tiny Tina’s real-life brother Anthony Birch. Anthony is also the lead-writer for Borderlands 2. The image shown in on the right.
The DLC was hinted at during Pax East last month, and Tiny Tina and dragons were the main clues, so it looks like this mystery has wrapped itself up for now. There have been no announcements as to price, release date or loot at this point. This will however end the Season Pass freebies, it doesn’t mean that DLC is completely over but it does mean everyone will have to pay equally from now on.

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