Futurama meets Game of Thrones in future episode

Although the sad news of Futurama being canceled after this season is still cold in our hearts, there are a few episodes that are still on the horizon.
An upcoming episode will feature the lovely Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke, and she will play Zoidberg’s love-interest in the show. EW has confirmed that Clarke will be a guest star on Futurama in an upcoming episode. She will play as a flower stand owner who can’t smell (a perfect fit for Zoidberg maybe?)
Executive producer David X. Cohen states, “She falls in love with Dr. Zoidberg — the smelliest character on Earth in the future — but she can’t smell him, so it’s a match made in heaven,” he continues, “However, being a doctor, he has the opportunity to perform a nose transplant and give her a sense of smell, which would destroy their romance, so it’s a big dilemma.” Such drama, such romance.
This episode will be the second-to-last episode that will air. The final Futurama episode will premier on September 4, 2013.

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