“Trusted Contacts” Facebook allows friends to aid in account recovery

Facebook already has some very secure ways to prevent your account from being hacked, including two-factor authentication. Now a new service will allow your friends to be another line of defense against hackers.
The new service is called “Trusted Contacts” and it is available across the globe for Facebook users. How it works is a user will choose 3-5 friends that will be added to the Trusted-Contacts list. In the event that your account is hacked, or you are locked out of your account, your friends can grant you access.
It’s like answering a security code, but instead of remembering what you told Facebook your favorite food was 7 years ago, you can just call your friend and ask for help. It’s a pretty great idea, assuming you can trust your friends and they won’t hold the codes hostage for pizza rolls or gas money. Simply go to ACCOUNT SETTINGS to get started with the service
more info: facebook

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