Beautiful Widgets Now Free With Microtransactions

One of my favorite customization apps, and the app I use regularly across every single one of my Android devices, is now free via Google Play. For those who aren’t familiar with the app, it’s essentially a collection of customized homescreen weather and clock widgets, and it’s bloody awesome.
Like I’ve said time and time again, I love Android’s ability to allow users to customize their homescreen experience. This may be done either by popping on a third party launcher, which changes the entire “theme” of your phone’s homescreens, or by utilizing third party widgets. Beautiful Widgets is hard to beat with the sheer number of options available.
The Pro version will run you $3.49, which I can say from experience is more than a fair price for what you get. However, if you choose to go with the free version, keep in mind one thing, namely in-app purchases via GetJar using virtual currency.
I hate the GetJar service, and really disliked it when GoLocker started using it to purchase additional themes. I hope Beautiful Widgets retains the option to purchase from your Play account directly instead of forcing you to use GetJar. Regardless, pretty much anything from the Pro version can be purchased individually in the free version; though again, the Pro version is only $3.49 for EVERYTHING. Unless each widget on its own is 10 cents each, I can’t imagine going the free route.
source | play store

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