Intel announces 4th generation HC 5000, Iris and Iris Pro

Intel’s HD Processors with integrated graphics aren’t actually well praised within the gaming community. The company is upping its offering with the 4th generation processors however, claiming that will improve performance up to three-times previous generations.
Intel stated that upcoming Ultrabooks will use HD 5000 graphics. Other laptops will have the new “Iris” chips, which will be twice as fast as last year’s offerings. The largest improvements come with more capable laptops or desktops of course. Those that can handle the power and heat of the highest tier will get the Iris Pro graphics with embedded DRAM. Intel states that this will double the 3D speed on former H-series mobile chips, while tripling the R-series for desktops.
Intel states that all tiers will be able to use DirectX 11.1 and OpenGL 4 visuals, along with OpenCL 1.2 computing. Intel didn’t go into exact details at this time, more information will be announced this June.
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