Natalie Portman and Michael Fassbender to lead new ‘Macbeth’ film

A new film from ‘Film4’ has confirmed that a new rendition of ‘Macbeth’ will star Natalie Portman and Michael Fassbender.
This will be latest project to take on Shakespeare’s famous play, it will be directed by Justin Kurzel and produced by See-Saw Films. This was the same company that recently produced “The King’ Speech”. The new film aims to put the drama back in the play, allowing the updated version to prevail a more accurate and graphic account of the play.
Portman herself is finishing up her rounds with “Thor: Dark World” and is filming “Jane Got a Gun”, while Fassbender on the other hand has been busy pumping out “Inglourious Basterds”, “Prometheus 2”, “Assassin’s Creed”, “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and more. More information about the film will be released as it gets closer to pre-production.

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