New GRID 2 Video Shows LiveRoutes

One of the defining features that Codemasters Racing is hoping will differentiate GRID 2 from other racing games, arcade or sim, is the addition of dynamically changing race routes, potentially giving virtual racers a new experience each time they play.
LiveRoutes is a new system that dynamically changes the race route on the fly. While not all tracks will see LiveRoutes at play, there are more than enough to keep players satisfied: Paris, Barcelona, Chicago, Miami and Dubai. Specific junctions can switch the track up to six different ways.
Clive Moody, Senior Executive Producer for GRID 2 says: “In a LiveRoutes event, you don’t know what’s coming next and it turns each race into a test of your racecraft, car handling and reactions on circuits that cannot be learnt. In both career mode and online, LiveRoutes offers near limitless possibilities in every race and it’s a great leveller, even for the most experienced racing game players.”
Available in both single and multiplayer, LiveRoutes will give players feature millions of potential corner combinations and offer players a ton of replayability. Check out the video below to see LiveRoutes in action!

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