‘Sunrise’ the best calendar app available, Google Calendar with style and connections

While Google and Apple have very useful calendar applications (mostly because both synch with Google Calendar) other developers have often tried to improve them. The most recent updates to ‘Sunrise’ offer many benefits that both Google and Apple should take note of.
Sunrise launched last March but an update this week has raised it to rank of “best offered anywhere” in an award I’ve created for this preview. Originally the application was ment to topple Google Calendar’s standard client for iOS devices, but it quickly added Facebook (events and birthdays) then it added LinkedIn with pictures of the individuals attending the event.
The event portion of Sunrise is actually one of the standout features. When checking your RSVPs the profile pictures of the people attending show-up, you can get their contact info straight from the application with a simple tap. If you would like to, you can call or text, even email that person without having to jump to your contacts. This works when your contact information matches their Facebook or LinkedIn profile, giving you their information to use at your leisure. Obviously if you add both Facebook and LinkedIn this feature is improved.
You can easily scroll through your days, as birthdays show up with the person’s photo allowing you to click on it gives you the option to text or email them a happy birthday. Assuming you linked your Facebook, you can write straight to their timeline. Adding events is very fast and just as easy as clicking on the “+” and holding it down then typing in the event. The application uses Google Maps for directions and you can even add multiple google calendars. This helps when dealing with the average work/family/school lifestyle combos.
Another great feature are the weather icons for each day. As you are scrolling through your day or week, it sells you the weather forecast and temperature throughout the day. So you will know that you need jacket for the morning here in New York, but at 2pm when you are heading to your meeting, you won’t.
The update that went live earlier this week added some new features that really set it apart from other applications. New events that you wish to create can be made offline now, so now when you are on the subway or stuck in an elevator you can still get some work done. Do you get a lot of invites to events that you won’t be attending? You will be happy to know that you can erase those invites with a simple swipe. Best of all the application is completely free.
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