Say what you will, Miley Cyrus can really sex-up a Mohawk and Tats

A lot of people may forget that Miley Cyrus is still only 20-years old, the perfect time for any girl to decide to shave her head and show some skin.
ELLE-Cyrus-CoverThat’s exactly what the actress/singer has done for the cover of ELLE magazine, which is expected to launch next month (May 1st) with Miley on the cover for the U.K. edition. There’s a lot of skin, nothing terrible, a platinum-blonde Mohawk and her tattoos all on display and she looks pretty fantastic.
Playing ‘Hannah Montana’ for several years would probably cause anyone to jump to the extremes after being tied-down to Disney rules and regulations for most of their childhood, and it’s safe to say that Cyrus is still one of the better-off child stars of her generation.
ELLE will have a 10-page spread of Cyrus in next month’s magazine, showing off designer fashion and talking about her new life and relationships (fiance Liam Hemsworth included). ELLE also posted the above 2-minute preview of the cover-shoot, in-case you think the girl is all photoshop and no looks. Cyrus told ELLE, “Sex does sell, but you have to find a way that’s not just showing your tits,” and we would have to agree.

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