Game of Thrones reaches a new ratings record with Sunday’s episode

As if HBO’s series ‘Game of Thrones’ hasn’t already been amazing critics and fans around the world, it also continues to break records on almost a weekly basis.
It seems every step that seven kingdoms take is always in the right direction (ratings wise, not in the story). Game of Thrones achieved the series’ highest audience to day with 5.3 million viewers at the 9PM time-slot. Season three began on March 31st with 4.4 million viewers at 9pm and has been steadily growing in popularity with almost every single episode that airs. if you want to include more than just the premier 9pm time-slot, then HBO stated that it had 6.7 million viewers on Sunday night.
Fans of the show still have a lot of episodes remaining to go with Season 3. As the conclusion of the series grows near however you can only imagine the rating will surge.

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