Guild Wars 2 previews Custom PvP Arenas and Spectator Mode in new video

Arenanet has released two new videos that walk players through the two new PvP game-modes that are being introduced through the next update.
Those two gane-modes are ‘Spectator Mode’ and ‘Custom PvP’ battles. In Custom PvP battles players will have control over many aspects of the game. Those modifications include (Custom Arena Options, Custom Arena Name, Password, Message of the Day, Team Size, Score Limit, Time Limit, Respawn Time, Respawn Type: (Wave vs. individual), Minimum players, Reserved Slots, Spectators: Y/N, Ready Button, Auto Balance, Lock Gear, Lock Skills, No Stats, Map selection, Member players, Member Guilds, Banned Players).
Players will have the ability to challenge other teams to scrimmage and all players will be able to purchase custom arena kits from the gem store. Players can get custom arena time tokens, “which you can use to add rental time to your own custom arena, or you can go to someone else’s custom arena, and add time there” according to Arenanet.
In Spectator Mode players can join the (Red, Blue or Spectator) teams. There you can click on a player’s name to follow them, or you can click the camera icons on the mini-map. Clicking the icon next to their name to will show their template, which lists their amulet, their traits, their slotted skills and their weapons.

We have combined both videos on the two subjects so that you can watch them together below.
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