LG prepares to launch 55″ curved-screen OLED TV for consumers

LG has been the first at few things during the manufacturer’s long history in television set productions. Now it can added curved-screens to that list of innovations.
LG has started taking pre-orders for the LG 55EA9800, a curved OLED TV that comes in at 55″ and has an MSRP of $13,500 (15 million Won). The TV is set to launch next month for the luck few who can afford it. The TVs are currently being sold in Korea only but exact pricing will be announced when the TV is available in other countries. At the side the TV has 4.3mm side profile and only weighs 17kg (37.45 lbs). The speakers are an interesting addition to the new line, not only are they thin, they ar also transparent and built into the stand so it won’t alter the screens unique design.
The screen will recreate the kind of imagery that you would see at an IMAX theater, many theaters have been using slightly curved screens in order to create a better viewing experience but recent HD-format television screens have remained flat.

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