Google Now hits iOS devices through Search

Google’s ever growing, ever changing Search App just got a little better on iOS devices thanks to a Google Search App update that went live on iOS devices.
Google-Now-InsertLast Monday Google confirmed that it was bringing ‘Google Now’ to iOS devices, and one-week later it followed through with that promise. Google Now is a revolutionary way to search, without searching. The application feature predicts common search functions at certain times and during certain events so that people can get the information they need without even having to search. This includes scores, special events, the weather in the morning and more.
Users that first load-up Google Now will be met with options based on your search history, like weather where you live, a developing news story that you’ve been reading lately or scores for a tema that you seem to follow. You just delete the ones that don’t apply to you and use the one’s you do, making Google Now more relevant to your needs the more you use it.
There are weekend cards, location-based cards, flight or travel updates and more. It’s really a terrific service and another step for Google to improve the speed at which it delivers information to its customers. The application ‘Google Search’ can be downloaded below for free, the Google Now service is part of the application.
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