Reports point to Mac OS X 10.9 launch in 2013, iOS to follow

Apple has been revamping a lot of the core-features of the Mac OS X operating system over the last few years but it looks like the next major upgrade is just around the corner.
Apple recently announced the company’s World Wide Developers Conference will take place in June of this year, and new reports highlight a few of the features that are to be expected in the next update. This will bring the mac OS X operating system to 10.9, while a majority of Apple users should be using 10.8.3 at this point. The new 10.9 update is working under the codename “Cabernet” at Apple if reports are correct.
According to 9to5Mac, the operating system will have an improved “Finder”, including a Tab-based UI to make operating through multiple windows and folders much easier on the user. Other improvements will include an updated Safari Browser though right now it seems that the update will mostly focus on speed and functionality improvements on the application. Multi-monitor users may have a few very specific functions coming there way, including full-screen apps assigned to each monitor and better control of how each monitor works with mission-control and spaces.
photo credit: williamhook

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