River City Ransom sequel planned, go ahead smile it’s free

There are few games that I can remember playing as vividly as I remember playing with my younger brother back home in Delaware. River City Ransom is one of those titles.
It has been 24 years since the original title ‘River City Ransom’ was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The buddy-tossing, box-bashing and occasional shopping, side-scroller is getting a sequel at last. There were rumors of a game being in development but now it seems those rumors have been officially confirmed. On their official blog, Combit Studios stated, “I am beyond excited to reveal today that we have started development on an official, worldwide follow-up to River City Ransom. With strong followings in North America and Japan, we will work closely with Million to ensure it is the best game it can be for fans on both continents”.
As for platforms the developers are planning Windows only, but that could be expanded to “additional platforms” in the future. the developers are planning for an “August 2014” release date. The developers state that they are planning a “crowd-funding launch this summer”, where players will be able to “join us as a backer to claim some truly unique rewards, and to help us bring you the next chapter that River City Ransom deserves”.
more info: combit

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