SWTOR launches new customization features, change your look or race

Although it is usually a standard feature in most MMOs, SWTOR never let you change you character’s appearance outside the character creator. Thankfully that is all about to change.
Bioware released a new ‘Insider Video’ where producer Cory Butler released new details about the upcoming re-customization options that are coming to SWTOR. If you have some spare coin lying around, you should check out the Cartel Market over the coming weeks. There will be a new Eradicator’s Warsuit, a new Trooper armor set to enjoy and new pets, vehicles and gear from the Vice Commandant’s Contraband pack.
The designer kiosk to adjust your character won’t be available until at least May, so you have to time to plan it out. You will be able to change race, styles, appearance and colors.

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