Free to play MMOFPS ‘Dust 514’ launches on May 14

DUST 514 was announced so long ago, and has been in beta-testing for so long, that we will excuse you if you need a refresher on the game.
Earlier today Brandon Laurino, the Executive Producer for Dust 514, made the announcement that the game will finally launch on the PS3. The launch will mark the end of the open-beta and the release of “the first and only full “Free-to-Play” shooter ever on console”. In an open-letter to fans Laurino states, “We could not ask for a better partner in PlayStation to release DUST 514 on PS3 and we could not have achieved all of the groundbreaking work without the support, feedback and passion of our Beta testers and fans”.
It may be hard to believe but EVE Online is celebrating its 10th anniversary on May 6, 2013. The game will leave the beta with the “Uprising update” which Laurino promises “includes tons of new stuff, from the major graphics update, to huge new features like player controlled Planetary Conquest” and that is “just the beginning”.
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