Injustice: Gods Among Us ‘Lobo Trailer’ meet the Main Man

The first DLC character for Warner Bros. and DC’s fighter ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ was announced earlier this month. Now you can see the great ‘Lobo’ fighting in action thanks to a new trailer.
The trailer was released earlier this afternoon and shows exactly what fans can expect from the powerful chain-wielding maniac that is Lobo. In the video you can watch Lobo take on the Dark Knight, Batman himself. From smoking a cigar to firing his gun and running you down with a hovering fire-bike, Lobo isn’t a character you should take lightly. There is over two and half minutes of Lobo fighting action to watch in the video above, we are sure you will enjoy it. Lobo has a very dirty, very basic and fast fighting-style. His crass behavior in the arena is sure to be a hit with many players.

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