Police have ‘SK’ in custody under suspicion of causing the largest DDoS attack in history

Reports are coming in from a Dutch Public Prosecutor Service that a man has been arrested, and is currently being questioned about last month’s DDoS attacks.
The Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (or DDoS as it commonly referred to as) happened last month and brought the webspam service ‘Spamhaus’ crashing down. Police aren’t releasing the person’s name, only that he has the initials ‘SK’ and that he is a Dutchman and 35-years old. The news comes from a press-release sent out by the above mentioned Prosecutors. According to a translation of that release, ‘SK’ has been arrested in Barcelona by local authorities and is currently being held.
There has been an active warrant out for the person(s) that are responsible for the DDoS attack since the incident happened in late March. This was the largest attack that has ever been actively monitored since the beginning of the internet. At times over 300 gigabits/sec were being sent to the website, shutting down Spamhaus’ servers and causing throttling problems in many locations throughout Europe.
The New York Times has reported that Sven Olaf Kamphuis was at the center of the investigation after the attack, and since he does fit the profile and initials, many people believe that he is the one in custody now. Kamphuis was working with the web hosting firm Cyberbunker. ‘SK’ has been seized, his computers taken into evidence as well as his mobile devices.
photo credit: JohnSeb

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