Samsung To Release An ‘Active’ Galaxy S4 For The Rugged Type

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, Samsung intends to release a new version of the Galaxy S4 called the “Active” for those who can’t seem to stop destroying their phones. I may or may not be married to someone who may or may not be guilty of this.
The Galaxy S4 Active will be built to withstand more “extreme” conditions, coming with a dust-proof and water-proof coating. The Active will hit stores this July and is targeted at business and government clients. I have to wonder; by “government client,” do they maybe mean someone like Sam Fisher? Because I can’t imagine too much wear and tear goes on up on Capitol Hill.
Of course let’s be honest here; what Samsung REALLY should do is not target business and government clients. Just rebrand the Active as the “Samsung Galaxy S4 Parent of a Toddler Edition” and watch these puppies fly off the shelves.
source | wsj via droid-life

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