Look at the picture above. How much do you think a car like that costs? Let’s put it this way; the current top two models of Corvette, the Z06 and ZR1, will run you $77,000 and $115,000, respectively.
For the new Stingray above, with a base model that packs 450HP and looks that kill, you can expect to pay just $2,000 more than current base model Corvette: $51,995. That’s certainly more than I can afford right now, but considering what you get, that’s a pretty mindblowingly low price. It almost hurts to think that’s just a bit more than I paid for my Dad-mobile.
For comparison, here are a few cars that are more expensive: the Toyota Sequoia Platinum, the Chevy Suburban (with a few extras), and the 2013 Hyandia Equus. And I’m pretty sure the Stingray can smoke all of those cars….combined. Not really, but you get the point.
The 2014 Corvette Stingray will go on sale at the end of summer.
source | jalopnik