Final Fantasy Tactics S website pops up online

It was one of my favorite games during my childhood, and when it was retouched for PSP and then the iPad I was somewhat disappointed that more wasn’t done to bring it to a new generation of gamers. Now I just fear for them.
The website for the game was spotted online and no official announcement has been made at this point. Digging deeper, GameTrailers pointed out that the game is being brought to us by Mobage. That company tends to stick to free-to-play social games of…lesser quality than a Final Fantasy Tactics fan might hope for. Mobage helps developers of games like ‘Cupcake Maker’, 777 Slots’ and ‘Kingdom Corps’
It appears to be a tablet-made game for both Android and iOS and none of it looks like it will please anyone who would be excited for a new FFT game. We will put this on the back-burner for now, and hope for the best.
more info: ffts

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