Sony Online Entertainment announced that tickets are now available for its community fan event, SOE Live.
The annual event is set take place at ‘Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas’ from August 1, 2013 through August 4, 2013. “At SOE Live 2013 we are planning exciting announcements, panels, and special activities for every game in our portfolio, meaning that there are multiple reasons for our entire community to join us in Las Vegas and represent their favorite SOE games,” said Linda Carlson, Director of Community Relations, Sony Online Entertainment. “Players will be able to meet their favorite developers, enter tournaments, participate in live quests, and game late into the night. Additionally, there will be some big news for those who are interested in the next chapter of the EverQuest franchise; you won’t want to miss it.”
Prices for the event include a discounted rate on “all-access passes” for $129 that will remain valid until May 22, 2013. Sony stated that although the venue has changed, room rates from previous years have stayed the same (at $79 weeknight, $129 weekend).
Fans “of all ages” are encouraged to attend the event, where attendees can meet the responsible for some of todays most successful online-games. In addition to a slew of social events, SOE will also host developer panel discussions and game-themed live events, giving attendees a chance to voice their opinions of current and upcoming game content. SOE Live will also feature access to new announcements and beta programs, tournaments, premium swag, and more.
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