Scarlett Johansson will star in Besson’s next action film “Lucy”

Reports are in that Scarlett Johansson will star in Luc Besson’ upcoming action movie named “Lucy”.
THW has reported that Johansson and Besson will team up in the next film, though exact details are unknown at this time. According to the report Johansson is in “final negotiations” for the project that was written by Besson himself who will will also be a producer.
The film will center around Johansson’s character who becomes an unwilling drug-mule in the film. Instead of transporting the drug, Johansson will ingest it. This makes her character become stronger, will have telepathic powers and will have increased mental capabilities. Universal Pictures will be the worldwide distributer, though it will not own the rights to do so in Benelux, China and France.
Fans of Besson may know him from his early heroine works like ‘The Fifth Element’, ‘The Professional’ and ‘Joan of Arc’ to name a few.

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