Beyonce uses H&M ad to debut her new song “Standing on the Sun”

Beyonce is still touring the world taking over social-media wherever she goes. When she isn’t making headlines in Cuba, the singer/actress is making new videos for H&M ads.
Earlier today H&M published the Beyonce video, which also shows her the company’s Summer 2013 collection. We would say clothes but it’s mostly just bikinis. The song featured in the video is called “Standing on the Sun” and the video has Beyonce dancing around and kicking up sand like she did in her “Survivor” video from days past.
The video was shot on location in the Bahamas, there is no release date for the upcoming album. Beyonce’s earlier commercial-song reveal came from a Pepsi that the singer dancing against previous versions of herself, that song was called “Grown Woman”.

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