Google+ functions added into Google Drive to make sharing easier

It’s one of the most annoying facets of working remotely with others, file-sharing and collaborating. With all of our technology sharing files and getting everyone on the same page can still be a headache.
Luckily Google is trying to make your life a little easier by adding profile pictures and group-chat to Google Drive so you can communicate and share all in one place. Now when you open a file using Google Drive, you will be able to see profile pictures of anyone else viewing the files (you did just see their names before). If you hover over these pictures however, you will be able to add them to your Google+ circles (if they weren’t there already) and get important details about the person via their profile.
More importantly you can group-chat straight from Google Drive, just by clicking on a new chat button that is located on the top right of the window. Google will be rolling out the new UI today and tomorrow.
more info: google

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