GRID 2 Announces Indianapolis Motor Speedway And Customization In Multiplayer

Codemasters Racing has released a new multiplayer trailer for the upcoming GRID 2, and the focus this time is on the newly announced Indianapolis Motor Speedway (yes, the road course as well) and vehicle customization options in the game’s multiplayer modes!
In this extended trailer we see the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, one of the most iconic racing venues which is also the world’s largest sporting spectator facility and has been the spiritual home of American motorsport for over a century. We see a brief glimpse of the road course (thank goodness) and also parts of the oval. No confirmation yet whether or not there will be two separate configurations with the oval track and the road course.
Also seen in the trailer is the in-depth livery editor, which features up to six billion different design combinations so players can stamp their own identity online. Customization is a huge part of racing games, and it’ll be great to see so many unique designs littering the game world.

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