Nintendo takes to the sidelines for E3 2013, no presentation planned

Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, these are the three dragons of E3, so it has been so it should be expected (until Valve and Apple get their act together).
This time though only the two titans of consoles are charged to battle each other for king of the keynote. According to a post from Nintendo’s official Japanese site, there will be no glamorous presentation from Nintendo. The world can now gasp, but then realize that this means Sony’s and Microsoft’s presentation’s can be longer and perhaps one of the secret reveals will be a new contender? Doubtful but hopeful.
Also E3 has grown old in recent years, with Apple’s success of large press-events even Sony, Facebook, Microsoft and Nintendo now hold private press-events where they can control the time and the media. They are also the center of attention with those events. E3 was designed for press, and now press are really the last that need to attend. We can speak with developers, test out games and check out details from anywhere in the world. E3 is becoming less and less relevant, and Nintendo might be the smartest to drop out first.
Nintendo has been reported as stating that it now uses the ‘Nintendo Direct’ instances to connect with fans, Satoru Iwata said at an afternoon investor conference that Nintendo will be holding other events throughout the year and that it will not be an open to the public event.
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