Earlier today the Federal Reserve announced that it will begin producing new U.S. $100 bills. The announcement of the change came two-years ago and production will finally begin in October.
The exact date for the new Benjamin will be October 08, 2013. This marks the fourth time in U.S. history that the government has altered the $100 bill. The new design is based on security and aimes to prevent counterfeiting. The large blue-band that you see on the bill is actually a 3D security ribbon, though it has certain unannounced features as well.
Strangely enough as machinery gets easier and easier to obtain, thanks to advanced technology, the steadfast problem for counterfeiters in the past is much simpler… the paper. The unique paper-cotton blend that we print our money on is also the easiest to track down and hardest to replicate. Though advanced counterfeiters can produce or obtain the paper (which is why we need these new blue-bands), the paper itself still remains as one of the most unique obstacles for would-be felons and hasn’t been altered in decades.