Star Wars VII Return of the Empire creates the perfect Disney parody

A fan-made parody named ‘Star Wars VII: Return of the Empire’ has become quite the internet sensation over the past few days, and for good reason.
Directed by Sam Macaroni, who has made similar comedies in the past, mixes Star Wars and Disney into one world, with hilarious results. The video is extremely well made and is easily one of the funniest Disney-Star Wars mashups that have been created so far. Sam Macaroni recently created ‘Epic Jedi Gang Fight’ which has close to 2 million, while his video ‘Puppet Break-up’ has over 17 million views. The video features other stars of YouTube including ShayCarl, Timothy Delaghetto, EdBassmaster, Alex Farnham and Liz Katz . ‘Star Wars VII – Return of the Empire’ is a collaboration between Macaroni and his longtime emmy award winning partner Tim Montijo . Other videos Macaroni and Montijo have worked on together are ‘Epic School Battle’ which stars rockers KISS and Steven Tyler , as well as ‘The Hunting Games’ starring internet hero Jon LaJoie .
“Star Wars is a large part of my childhood, as is Disney. Return of the Empire is my way of celebrating both worlds. I’m happy that people seem to like it. I’m very excited to see what J.J. Abrams does with the new Star Wars. I’m sure it will be epic,” said Macaroni.

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