Next Xbox will be revealed on May 21 with #XboxReveal

Microsoft has just announced that it will debut the next generation Xbox 60 in late May. Here are the details on the upcoming press conference.
Xbox InviteThe new Xbox 360 doesn’t have a name yet but millions and millions of fans will gather around their screens and watch the presentation live from Microsoft’s HQ in Redmond, Washington. The date will be May 21, 2013 and invitations have been officially sent out this afternoon (shown on the right). The title for the event was revealed by Don Mattrick from Xbox, with the headline “a new generation revealed”.
Just like Sony did with the PS4, the event is expected to show off the general features, hardware and new options that the device will bring to gamers. After that the full reveal of the next Xbox 360 will take place this year at E3 2013.
(edit: PS3 was changed to PS4 in third paragraph)

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