Easily add a timeline to your Final Cut Pro X projects with Ripple Timelines plugin

Third-party plugins are a very big business in the Final Cut Pro X community. They are easy to install, the good ones are easy to use, and often offer a ton of customization options.
One of the latest plugins from Noise Industries is called ‘Timelines’ and they offer a variety of different visual effects that you can add to your film. The plugin only works for Final Cut Pro X but it offers eight transition effects to help you move your film through certain points on a timeline. It’s a feature that you probably have seen in larger films and videos but it would normally take a lot of time to create these effects from scratch.
All of the timelines are customizable, “allowing editors to change just about any detail including colors, background graphics and text” according to the Noise Industries who launched the plugin earlier today. One of the better features included in the plugin is the “Director’s View” which provides a “bird’s eye view of transitions, complete with explanatory text guides and on-screen controls for adjusting the layout of transition video clips and drop zones”. Users can choose from preset camera animation styles, and even adjust the preset to create the exact framing desired.
more info: noiseindustries

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