Guild Wars 2 April update ‘Flame and Frost: Retribution’ brings dungeon and PvP alterations

There is a massive update coming to ‘Guild Wars 2’ that will change a lot of the end-game distractions that fans love.
The ‘Flame and Frost: Retribution’ wil be one of the largest updates that the game has seen so far. This is the climatic end of the living story ‘Flame and Frost’ and it brings a lot of great new content along with it. First of all, there will be a new story dungeon taking place under the Molten Weapon Facilities. Players will also get a new PvP mode with custom PvP arenas and a new spectator mode. There will be new Guilds missions and of course new rewards to earn from completing them.
In the living Story, players will tackle The Molten Alliance. As players fight with Braham and Rox they will have to take the final installment of the Charr and Dredge head-on if they are to end the living story missions. The final dungeon will have a massive boss fight that will earn you some unique rewards. This dungeon isn’t permanent, so players should tackle the objective while they still can to earn the dungeon’s special, and secret, rewards for completing it.
If PvP is more your speed, you will get custom arenas to fight in and a spectator mode to try out. Custom arenas will go into beta first, and will not be open to everyone at the start. There was no word on how the beta participants will be chosen, or how long each beta-phase will last. Players will get an arena starter kit from the gem store and you will need time tokens (also from the gem store) to keep your arena active in order to use it. You can pool money together from your Guild to build and add to the Arena. You can name, lock with a password, adjust team sizes or time-limit, and even set score limits in your arena. In fact, you can change pretty much any part of the game’s settings that you like in your arena, including spawn times, player reserves, map playlists or keep it ranked or unranked.
Spectator mode is exactly what it sounds like but will come with some great features. You will have access to view a player’s gear, their POV, see their traits and their skills and have the options of teams to view. There will also be a new “arrow cart mastery” added to PvP rankings from EXP. Also added are five new levels for the “guard killer” tree. Quaggans will be added as part of the Guild Rush missions. A really cool new game-mechanic is the sonic tunneling option, which will allow players to dig underground to travel (think bugs bunny) but only for a short while before having to resurface.
All of the content will go live next week, when the patch notes wil give out exact details on the update.

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