Koala Mount: Sometimes the simplest iPad wall mount, is the best

We can use tablets everywhere, that’s why we love them. They become cookbooks or how-to guides, movie-screens and canvasses. Putting your iPad or tablet on the wall should be just as versatile and just as easy as using it.
I tried out about 15 wall-mounts over the last three-weeks. I didn’t want anything fancy, large or complicated. I just wanted to put my iPad on the wall, and I had a lot of places that I wanted to do that. I didn’t want to screw anything into my walls and I didn’t want it to attract attention. Most importantly, I had multiple places for my tablet to go, so I needed them to be cheap.
I actually heard of the Koala Mount during their Kickstarter campaign, I remember thinking of how simple it was and how easy it seemed to set-up. That’s really the core of the mount, it’s just simple. There are two-brackets that hold-up the iPad, that’s it. The bet part of the mount is that it sticks to wall using the same 3M strips that you can find at the drug-store, they are cheap and effective. This is great in-case you ever want to move your mount. It doesn’t damage the wall (if you have flat cheap-o paint like apartments in NY then it could mess with your paint, but anything you do the wall will. It’s not the strips it’s our sucky paint), the strips are easily replaceable with a trip to the same store you buy milk or candy, and your tablet is mounted in seconds, easy.
I needed one for the kitchen and family-room and bedroom. The strips can work on tile, glass or a regular wall. And they are two-pieces (one piece is each bracket) so you can set them horizontal or vertical and they fit a lot of models and sizes. My life is news and products, so I spend almost all of my time on the internet or writing, that’s why I wanted a place to put my iPad while I walked around my apartment. The kitchen was for while I cooked or ate in the morning, the family-room was for storage or as a mount while I was watching HBO Go or Hulu, and the bedroom was for charging.
Charging is an underrated use for this mount, the mount can go anywhere and if you live in New York like I do, you may not have an outlet everywhere you would like one (or as many as you would like). I had such an outlet, and I didn’t have room to put a table where the outlet was, so I put a bracket on the wall above the outlet to charge and hold my iPad overnight.
The Koala mount comes in three colors, which was actually a thing for me. I didn’t want to see it, or have two ugly brackets hanging up when my iPad wasn’t in it. Luckily it comes in white, chrome and black so it matches the white wall and is nearly invisible when not in use. This is how easy it is to put the mount on the wall.

Other mounts were bulky, the wrong color or required being screwed into the wall or were a ‘one-size’ model. The Koala Mount fits any size because it’s two pieces, the stickers are bought at a store and the price is cheap enough that I could buy a few to have around the apartment. It was the perfect fit. It’s the simplest and easiest way to put your iPad on the wall, and I liked how convenient it was to replace the strips. This isn’t a marvel of modern science, it’s just an easy way to mount your iPad, and after learning of the other crazy products that are out there, I wanted to write about one that just works that people would actually enjoy having. You can pick them up for around $20 on sites like Amazon or Dockem (the maker of the device) and they will last you through your changing tablets in the future. There are more ideas and suggestios for using the mounts on the official website below.
more info: dockem

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