More details leak as Microsoft prepares to release Windows 8.1

Ever since the original leak of Windows Blue, which will later become the Windows 8.1 update, eager Windows users seem to discover more and more information about its features.
After earlier reports of a ‘boot to desktop’ feature, which would allow users to bypass the new live-tile system and boot directly to the familiar desktop, new reports point to a “Kiosk Mode” being built into the update. With the leaked version however, there is no ‘boot-to-desktop’ option in the build, only multitasking tweaks and the Kiosk Mode seem to have been added. This feature isn’t exactly useful to the common user, it simply allows an owner of the PC to lock most of the operating system’s features and restrict access to basic applications or services. Like you would find at….a Kiosk.
The build is number 9474 and it has been reported to us from users of several highly used torrent sites, and is most likely still available on the internet to see for yourself. The update is expected to launch later this year, assumably with much better features than the ones confirmed so far, though you never know for sure.

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